Sunday, April 25, 2010

Speaking of Flops...

I remember the mid-1980’s... I was living in Texas and nursing a script I had written for CBN but was pulled from production after the Jim and Tammy Bakker scandal caused Christian television to go kaput.

The title of the series was “Heart of the City” and I suspected someone had stolen my idea when ABC brought a series of the same name to the airwaves.

As it turned out, this show had nothing to do with my project... and was infinitely better.

ABC’s version of “Heart of the City” had a stellar cast including a pre-Married with Children Christina Applegate. The writing and production values were impeccable.

But, for some unknown reason, the show never caught on and ABC trashed it. My dear old Dad, a great barometer of what was good on television, shrugged the show off...

With the ratings as low as they were, there is little hope for a DVD release. That is sad, really.

Maybe my dream of “The Flop Channel” will come true and we can see a very young Christina sulking and doing interpretative dance.

Then again...

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