Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Is it Legal to Kill Your Husband?

Okay, somebody help me to understand this...

Mary Winkler, wife of a church pastor, shoots her husband in the back with a shotgun while he is sleeping. Well, accidentally, she said.

After the shotgun accidentally misfired into her husband’s back, she loaded her children in the car and drove over 300 miles before being caught by the authorities.

She was arrested and... during the trial, her defense was that she was a battered wife.

Well, not battered as in like being beaten or mistreated... but that her accidentally shot husband allegedly criticized her hair... made her watch porn... and had “unnatural” sex (described by one broadcast journalist as insisting that she wear “slutty lingerie.”)

And so, after 60 days time served, she is a free woman. However, her in-laws are fighting to keep custody of the children while trying to keep her from profiting from book or movie deals from the murder, erm, accidental shooting.

Is this another example of Claudine Longet style justice?

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