Saturday, August 11, 2007

Special Guest Stare

I was thinking of that one-hit-wonder who had Michael Jackson singing the refrain of his song, “Sometimes I Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me.”

I went to the local cyber café to work on the latest screenplay... when the last available privacy seat (one where my back is to the wall and no one can see my laptop screen) was snatched by an old woman who stood staring at the middle of the room until she saw me coming.

So, I took the next best thing... which was only visible from one tall table that was unoccupied.

That changed after a couple pages typed... some old dude plops down and leans forward with his face right in my screen. His heavy breathing and chewing noises didn’t help either. Finally, I put the laptop into standby mode and got up to leave.

As I departed, laptop bag on my shoulder, the guy said, “You get good reception with that thing?”

I avoided the potentially caustic replies and just left.

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