Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Flying the Non-Diaphonous Skies

Did you see the story on MSNBC about the women who were forced to either leave their flights on Southwest Airlines or else cover up -- because their clothing was too skimpy?

That’s not the Southwest that I remember.

I flew from Biloxi MS to San Antonio years ago. The fun flight attendants gave me free wine and did this kewl joke.

A little girl boarded with one of those lifelike baby dolls. Well, the flight attendant borrowed it and went to the next section asking, “Excuse me, did someone lose their baby?”

As gasps broke out she shrugged, opened the overhead compartment, tossed the doll in and slammed the door.

THAT is my Southwest airlines... not this picking on women for wearing skimpy clothes.


trise7en said...

I thought it was just this one said "women"...there was more than one?

Dwacon said...

There were two separate cases reported by MSNBC...

Mike Barer said...

While Southwest may have been wrong to call her out for her dress, grabbing your lawyer and going on the talkshow circuit was a little too much. Everyone has had an embarrassing incident.

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