Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jesus is Love

If He wasn’t, He would prolly give Kathy Griffin such a smack-down.

In case you haven’t heard, Kathy seemed to take exception to people thanking Jesus for the awards they won.

Kathy won an Emmy® award and used the occasion to blaspheme and to claim that her Emmy® was her god.

Now, it is interesting that Don Imus got slapped for calling Black women “nappy headed hoes” and Michael “Kramer” Richards got slapped for using the N-word.

So then... how can Hollywood laugh at a joke that invokes the name of Jesus in a negative way?


1 comment:

kgwhit said...

don't you think the difference is that she wasn't taken seriously, while those other guys you mentioned have a more serious tone about them? Everything Kathy says is for humor, laughs and fame. The other guys- perhaps speaking how the really feel.

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