Monday, September 17, 2007

OJ Faces 106 Years in Jail

Sung to the tune of “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper.

Watching the TV
I hear the anchor mention O.J.

It ain’t surprising
but this news is not okay

He’s back in jail; the second time
The ticking clock rewinds

OJ beat murder charges
he’s back in jail

Crime after crime

Though he walked they just caught him;
he’ll stay locked up

Crime after crime

Crime after crime
Crime after crime

So what his book came out
but Goldmans get all the loot

He went to Vegas
what he did just isn't cute

A century; without parole
Straight to jail, don't pass go

Thirteen years he got out with “not guilty” said

Crime after crime

With this crime he’ll stay in until he is dead

Crime after crime

Crime after crime
Crime after crime


Mike Barer said...

Trash book authors have to be loving this. Another OJ nightmare, more wall to wall OJ coverage. Another Oj aquital. Another OJ book.

John Pangia said...

Hey Dwayne - Didn't know you were into blogging [or did I jsut forget that?] - Anyhow, good stuff here - We're linking you up - Glad you found Sid at his new home in The City - He's been camping out on that site for almost a year - A couple of other old UseNet cronies from the Poser and Bryce groups managed to stumble in too - Keep the grins coming here at Dwacon :)

paisley said...

....well all they could ever get al copone for was tax evasion......

Nomarless said...

As always, very funny.

OJ little robbery is a sham though. The prosecutors just piled on charges because nothing from the audio tape suggests kidnapping to me. Confinement, maybe.

Being the merchandise was stolen or illegally got, what does that say about the alleged victims?

OJ will get some time, but I doubt the 108 years. The victims are not all that sympathetic. Unlike in 1994.

Anyways, well met, again!

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