Friday, October 26, 2007

Bionic Zoë

I guess the complaints about Michelle Ryan’s acting got through to the producers of NBC’s Bionic Woman series. They decided to suddenly have her speak with a British accent.

Well, in real life Michelle Ryan speaks with a British accent... as she did on every television role she has held before Bionic Woman. Still, considering how poorly Americans do British accents, it is a stretch of the imagination that a bartender would instantaneously speak perfect across-the-pond-ese.

And, for that matter, if she is only supposed to be pretending to speak British, why does she do it with people who know who she really is and not just with those with whom she is undercover?

Good thing Michelle is a perfect ten hottie or I wouldn’t watch this show at all.

Well... I do enjoy seeing Miguel’s jowls... but I mostly tune in just to see Michelle.


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