Thursday, October 11, 2007


When I was a kid on the streets of Philly, we had a tradition called the “fair one.” If you had a beef with someone, you would stand in a ring of other kids and duke it out (following a specific set of rules).

There was no tolerance for sucker-punches, kicking in verboten places, or any other unfair tactics. It was the fair one and the best man won (while the second best crawled around the sidewalk picking up his teeth).

Today, Philly is in the news for having nearly one murder a day. It is easier to buy a gun in Philadelphia than it is to buy a can of Big John’s baked beans.

Police stopped a kid from Plymouth Meeting (suburbs outside Philadelphia) who had a caché of weapons and plans to conduct another Columbine.

Hey folks, it is the City of Brotherly Love! Ya dig?

The next time you have a beef with someone, just put the gun away and have a fair one...

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