Saturday, November 3, 2007

Heroes on G4

One thing I appreciated during the first season of Heroes was that I could catch it on the Sci-Fi Channel when the NBC broadcast was inconvenient to my schedule.

Having a dual-tuner TIVO was not enough -- since the cable companies are nice enough to put CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX on a tier that couldn’t be accessed by the second tuner.

To my surprise, this season didn’t show up on the TIVO at all. It turns out that the rebroadcast rights were whooshed away by the G4 network.

G4 (which is code for the word “Nerd”) also has a “live and inteactive post-show” where nerds discuss subjects such as:

  • Who is hotter, Hayden or Ali?
  • Who is hotter, Hayden or Ali?

And, of course -- that all-important question:

  • Who is hotter, Hayden or Ali?

Insanity. Especially since Kristen Bell is the hottest of them all!

Now, where did I leave my pocket protector?

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Grimly Fiendish said...

We have the first season coming to an end over here in the UK. Still don't know what to make of it. Hope it doesn't go the same way the X Files went.

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