Friday, November 30, 2007

I signed up for PPP!

I stood on the sidelines for quite a while… listening to the debate. Some thought that blogs were sacred talismans, never to be soiled or sullied by thoughts of avarice. Then again, was I thinking avarice or was I thinking the stack of bills piled up on the table? Hard to say.

No, actually… quite easy to say. When I first ventured into Washington DC as a green and wet behind the ears teenager, I heard these great words of wisdom:

Money Talks. Bull$#!^ Walks.

Maybe that was from Peetey Greene? Regardless, paying the bills is a good thing. There are other things money provides, such as (in the words of Sir Anthony Hopkins in “The Human Strain”) the delights of sexual rapacity. But, I digress.

In all seriousness, bloggers are the new Associated Press. We are the next generation of the venerable Op-Ed page. Should we not be compensated, remunerated?

After my moment of peripeteia, I signed up as a member of Pay per Post. It made me feel good to know that my rants and raves not only entertain the masses, but I can actually make the pile of bills shrink a little. That is a good thing for everybody.

And so, if you are a blogger… then what are you waiting for? Sign up for yourself!

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