Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pater Familias

We just wanted to remind you guys about the novel published by Dwacon® entitled Pater Familias. This book reminds us that family can be a noun... a verb... or a profanity.

In this compelling novel, a powerful political consultant parlayed his life-long relationship with the current President of the United States into a successful political consultancy. He is willing to risk losing all he has spent his lifetime building in a desperate attempt at reconciling his four adult children. His children suffer deep unmasked pain from traumatic events of their childhood. Over the years, they have become estranged. They deal with the mounting drama in their lives in relative isolation. Raymond faces a ticking clock with only a short period of time to bring reconciliation to his children before... (we won't give away the ending).

Offbeat, wildly inventive, and driven by the funniest dialogue this side of Hepburn and Tracy, Pater Familias will have you flipping pages at warp speed. You will laugh, you will cry, you will empathize with the rich, rounded and colorful characters as the drama unfolds.

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