Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gettin Jiggy wit it...

As my Philly home boy Big Willie would say, time to get jiggy wit it.

Looking at the last of the antibiotics and the horse pills I’ve been taking. Feels as if the last of this bug is out of my system. Well, at least, I can stand upright without falling over and feel well enough to go outside and mingle with other people.

I put David Byrne’s über percussive song “Like Humans Do” on and tried some tail feather shaking. What do you know...


Which is funny, considering I couldn’t dance before going on the meds. Hmm... why are those people on the other side of the club falling on the floor, laughing? Oh well...

Maybe it is true that being sick can really make you appreciate having your health. But next time, I will just write a reminder to myself, “Appreciate your health.” A lot easier than falling out on your posterior anatomies for a couple weeks and then having to choke down several gigantic horse pills every day.

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