Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sleep... Sleep... Sleep...

I remember my first experience with the “Heavenly Bed” while on travel. I wanted to just lay in bed the entire trip… not to visit anyone or go anywhere. It was that comfortable. And so, I became obsessed with having a heavenly bed at home.

As I began looking for materials to make this great bed… featherbeds, quilts, down pillows and etcetera, it became obvious that the high-density memory foam was the only way to go. And so, I actually stacked memory foam in order to create an experience that… well, every morning I hit snooze more times than I should and often find myself running late or hitting heavier traffic than I would if I had gotten up that half-hour earlier.

So what is so great about memory foam? Well… memory foam contours to your body. Some people have bad posture and may sleep twisted (picture Michael J. Fox in “Back to the Future” in a contortionist posture with drool on his face). Others sleep in a fetal position. Others sleep like they are in the military and standing at attention. It doesn’t matter how you sleep… just know that these mattresses allow you to sleep better and more comfortably than anything else.

If you plan to go that route, plan to go the best way... with high quality tempurpedic mattresses. I’m telling you from experience... it is the best way to sleep... sleep... sleep!

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