Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Weight Loss

There was an interesting item on E! last night about actresses who revive their careers by losing weight. Specifically, Kirstie Alley and Valerie (Van Halen) Bertinelli who are currently spokespersons for a certain brand of weight loss products. And, after the feast of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, the rest of us are also in need of some guidance with healthy weight loss.

I went to see my doctor last week and was happy to learn that I had lost 15 pounds since my last visit. It was mostly from pumping iron and doing cardio… but also from catching the mother of all colds (for which I was seeking some meds from the doc). But that news inspired me to ramp up my efforts at losing weight and getting back into prime, optimal shape.

Discovering was a huge Christmas gift. This site has links to all of the major weight loss products such as Weight Watchers and NutriSystem. They also provide links to valuable coupons that includes a free meal from Diet to Go, and a free week of products from MediFast. A pretty good resource, if you seriously want to lose weight.

Another benefit of this kewl site is the fact that they provide their visitors with effective diet plans and a selection of articles providing weight loss tips and tricks. Maybe this summer I will fly down to South Beach and be stylin’ and profilin’ (and not casting a gigantic shadow over the entire beach).

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