Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Well Doggies...

TV Land has been playing a Beverly Hillbillies marathon, starting with Paul Henning’s critically panned pilot that continued for nine top-rated seasons.

The series might have run longer, but in 1971 CBS decided to upgrade its image by canceling its high-rated and popular shows and replacing them with low-rated unpopular shows.

That makes me think... being a network executive would be a great job. Unfortunately, I don’t qualify. My IQ is over 40 and I have never suffered any traumatic head injuries.

Watching the Hillbillies brought back some memories. Well, a few... the early black and white episodes were before my time. But, then again, we could only afford a B&W television, and frankly I couldn't tell the difference.

There were a lot of funny moments... a lot of guest appearances by young actors who would go on to become famous --such as Robert Osborne, host of Turner Classic Movies... and rat packer Sammy Davis Junior as an Irish police sergeant.


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