Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wrong Number

I am beginning to suspect that the phone company recently issued a new phone number that may be suspiciously close to mine...

But then again, getting wrong number calls have gone on... prolly since the first phone was installed. But I recall that if I was calling my buddy Gomez Addams and the person on the phone said, “Hello... Munster residence” then I would just say, “Sorry... wrong number.”

What I have experienced recently, however, is a rash of people who insist on speaking with the person they were trying to reach... even if I answer and explain there is no one here by that name.

Voicemails have also become quite frustrating... where people phone and then leave these long detailed messages. The latest was from some doctor providing details about tomorrow’s G.I. procedure. Hey, I left the military many moons ago and am no longer a G.I., and the only procedure I have scheduled for tomorrow involves a personal trainer at the gym.

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