Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama Ba-ROCKS

The people are speaking and what they are saying is Barack Obama. Ten consecutive wins and it doesn’t look as if he is going to slow down.

The Clinton campaign is responding with the slinging of ye olde mudd. But does being able to wage the nastiest sucker punches make a candidate better?

For some people, that may be so. But, we think the majority of the American people will look at who is truly the best for our future.

After Ted and Caroline Kennedy showed their support for Obama, the comparisons with JFK ramped up.

Granted, Kennedy was jumping in to kick off the second half of the 20th Century... a young visionary taking over from an old war veteran. Kennedy was able to pick up and take over where Eisenhower left off. He was what was needed during a critical period of American history.

The upcoming general election may very well be between a young visionary and an older war veteran.

These are exciting times in American history!

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