Sunday, February 17, 2008

Too Broke to Eat Healthy?

I noticed an article where someone said they couldn’t afford to eat healthy food because it cost more. At first I thought that was a cop-out.

Then, I noticed that I was paying $5.00 for carrot juice when the equivalent amount of soda (which is sugar and acidic water... basically, sweet tasting poison) cost a fraction of that amount.

Is there a conspiracy here?

What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

The thing about unhealthy food is that it's cheap to produce and make. Cheap to ship means cheap price for people who have limited income. Me, being a college student, can not afford to shop at Whole Foods or even get the organic whatchamacallits that I would love to eat. Thusly, I'm forced to shop at places like Aldi or Save a Lot because, well, I need to save a lot. :T

Incidentally, I have enjoyed this blog very much. Would you mind if I linked to it on my own page? I felt it polite to ask first.

paisley said...

you bet there is a conspiracy ... it has nothing to do with healthy eating.. it has to do with the projected self image of the superior being that cares enough to spend more to look better. (ie read superior) to gain that extra edge over you and me...
believe me,, i live in marin county california... the power junkies are eating this whole organic sustainable organic bullshit up,, and it has enveloped their whole sense of self...... don't even get me started.......

Unknown said...

Came here from mybloglog. Nice to meet you!

I could go on all day about the health in this world. I don't even know how to be brief. I can tell you I believe there is a conspiracy of some sort...with pharmaceutical companies. Ever heard of Kevin Trudeau? I think he's right -- "they" don't want us to be healthy. It makes sense, really, 'cause if we are, then we're not buying meds. I, for one, don't see doctors, nor do I ever take a drug. There's no need for it if you're consuming the right things. Hey, I said a ton, so I'm gonna stop now. I'll be back again - cheers and *hugs*

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