Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beware Those Anthropomorphic Carrots

Was reminiscing with some fellow fans of Irwin Allen’s oft maligned sci-fi series... rival to Gene Roddenberry’s more cerebral (and infinitely more successful) Star Trek series. Of note... the episode “The Great Vegetable Rebellion” in which the crew was held hostage by an anthropomorphic carrot.

An anthropomorphic carrot?

What kind of threat could that be to anybody?

I mean... c’mon. He’s a carrot. A sentient, anthropomorphic carrot... but still, the dude is a vegetable? How can a vegetable hurt you? They are actually good for you!

How do you deal with a maniacal anthropomorphic carrot? How about grabbing a machete and doing a Martha Stewart style julienne on his a$$.

How about you douse him with extra virgin and basalmic and eat him as a heart healthy snack?

How about you send an attack rabbit to devour him. No, wait... Lost in Space was a 60’s show and we didn’t have killer attack rabbits until the Jimmy Carter administration.

But still... this isn’t a Klingon or a member of the Jem H’Adar we are talking about. It is simply an anthropomorphic carrot!

In this momentous hour of TV history, when the anthropomorphic carrot began to dehydrate, the Professor Robinson character displayed compassion by giving the anthropomorphic carrot some water.

Hmm... and CBS thought Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek was TOO cerebral and turned it down for this show. Well, CBS was the network that brought us the Hillbillies and Green Acres...

I could understand being threatened by space age hillbillies... but an anthropomorphic carrot?

Oh dear... the pain... the pain of it all...

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