Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mammy! It's your son Sammy! From alaBammy!

Have you seen the article on The Canadian Press about Robert Downey Jr’s latest acting role?

Downey will be co-starring with Ben Stiller and Jack Black about a white actor who gets a job by putting on blackface. No, not like Al Jolson... well, take a look:

According to our hot and sexy friend Television Traci, test audiences sat through the film without feeling any overwhelming need to beat Ben Stiller about the cranium with Elmo dolls.

One surmises that is a good thing...

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Televisiontraci said...

That is a pretty awesome make-up job!! I would have never guessed that it was Robert Downy Jr. I just hoe he doesn't ruin it by pissing me off during the movie!!

Oh, and thanks for the compliment :)


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