Thursday, April 17, 2008

Comida con el Raton

One of my colleagues was complaining about his lunch... a single sized “imitation” pizza from a place we refer to as the bac-a-teria. That inspired me to invite a friend out for a real lunch... pizza baked to perfection with pepperoni, sweet peppers, and basil.

We were enjoying ourselves until my friend gasped. She jumped straight up in the air without changing from the seated position and shrieked, “A rat!”

No one else in the restaurant, including a family of five at the table next to us, noticed a rat the size of a Jack Russell Terrier running across the floor of the restaurant. It dashed toward the kitchen, hopping over the feet of one of the waiters who nonchalantly looked down and kept serving as if nothing had happened. My friend wanted to get up and leave... but this was really good pizza!

Apparently rats like more than just pizza. Take a look at the video below:

Next time, I think we will be getting our pizza from the bac-a-teria.

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