Monday, April 28, 2008

Gas Pains...

It is official... the price of gasoline has jumped over the $4.00 point in California and pundits including Mike Macintosh are predicting that a new 80¢ federal gas tax (with added local taxes) will put it over $5.00 before anyone knows it.

In today’s New York Times, truckers circled the Capitol in a horn-blaring caravan to protest the high cost of diesel fuel required to transport... well, everything we need including food and clothing.

Meanwhile, the presidential candidates are chiming in about the whole gas thing.

  • Senator John McCain wants to suspend the 18.4¢ per gallon federal excise tax on gasoline... but only over the summer
  • Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to do the same
  • Senator Barack Obama derided the proposal on the grounds that it could do more harm than good

If you missed today’s protest and still want an opportunity to let the world know how you feel about high gas prices, click here to see our designs.

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