Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The T-5000 Will Terminate Terrorists but Keep You Safe

You remember our blog on that device that allows TSA to see through your clothing? Well, the British have a device that presumably works better... but allows you to maintain your dignity (and doesn’t provoke laughter from TSA agents.

CBS did a story about this new device, the T-5000.

No, it isn’t a terminator. At least, I hope it isn’t. If it is... we hope it looks more like Summer Glau than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But seriously folks, this camera is so sensitive that it can tell whether the substance in your pocket is sugar or cocaine -- and from a distance of 40 feet. Yet, it does not expose your “naughty bits.”

The camera sees objects that emit Terahertz, or T-rays. Human beings and many inanimate objects emit T-rays, a form of low level energy naturally emitted from all materials, including rocks, plants, animals and people. They can pass through smoke, clouds and many solid materials like clothing, and in some cases, even walls, the company claims.

Check out this video, compliments of CBS:

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