Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Double Standard?

It is interesting the grief that Barack Obama is catching over Reverend Wright’s slight-of-mouth. Yet, John McCain isn’t catching any grief over statements attributed to John Hagee.

A good friend forwarded a video to me (and probaly dozens of others) that alleged that if Obama were elected to the Oval Office, he would have terrorists come here to saw everyone’s head off. Her next spam... erm, I mean, forward... spoke about the utopia that would result when John McCain enters office (and we begin the 100 years in Iraq).

Ne pas?

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Bobby Revell said...

Hello Dwacon! Yes indeed, I find this double standard offensive. The most impressive thing is how Obama said he wouldn't judge McCain over it in the same way he was criticized over Reverend Wright. This proves Obama has much more class. I look forward to president Obama, and I am very excited about the coming change. After 8 years of the worst president in history, maybe we'll get lucky and have the best. I am disgusted with politics and just want someone with brains running this country. Have a great day:)

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