Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Ghost of Steppin Fetchit Haunts Televisions...

There is a lot of hype about the MyNetworkTV series, “Under one Roof.” Starring Flavor Flav, the show features a nerdy Black man with a golddigging white wife, a nerdy son, an airheaded daughter, and an ex-con older brother who moves in.

High comedy ensues.


And, to make sure that African Americans are not the only ones offended, there is a female Chinese character reminiscent of Hop-Sing from the old Bonanza series. However, Hop Sing was Macbeth compared to this show...

I predict, on an upcoming episode, someone will trip and fall face first into a vat of shoe polish... and then jump up and tap dance outside into the middle of a watermelon patch.

For more about the show (assuming your TV isn’t locked on MyNetworkTV... or you don’t have Tivo -- which is heavily promoting the show) check out the article at The Los Angeles Times.

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trise7en said...

Wow so true...the ghost of Steppin' is haunting us---just realized this!

Keep those posts comin'---you're on a roll now lol!

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