Saturday, May 3, 2008

Iron Man

Iron Man
Iron Man
Does whatever
An iron can...

Uh, no... that’s wrong...

But I must admit that the film is awesome and a must-see for any Marvel Comics fan. I am sure that the late Jack Kirby is proud... even if his partner Stan Lee was mistaken for Hugh Hefner...

It is interesting how well done this film was... both in the clever script and top-notch production... as well as in the casting and acting.

Well, they could have put a wee bit more into the final fight scene... but still... it was well worth the money.

One thing I kept doing was subconsciously reaching for my Tivo remote so that I could rewind and watch some things in slo-mo. D-ohh!

I read that Samuel L. Jackson would appear in the film and didn’t see him. Well, that is because I left shortly after the roll of the credits. If you haven’t seen this movie...

Stay through the credits!

If you leave too soon, you will miss a great surprise!

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