Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Terrorist Fist Jab

I found it very amusing when certain pundits took exception with Barack and Michelle Obama doing the bump. No, we’re not talking about the bump that was a crazy 70’s dance craze that Steve Miller sang about in his song “Swingtown.” I mean, this gesture:

Surprisingly, the bump is still a quote/unquote “Black thing.” Unlike other expressions from the African-American community that have become mainstream (like the high-five, the chest hug, and the use of the phrase “Right On”), apparently many people find this a rather odd gesture. Just what does it mean?

Well, according to the The New York Times, some pundits interpreted the move (done at a St. Louis rally) as a terrorist fist jab.

Of course, we have never seen a terrorist do the bump... but rumor has it former President Bush might have done it with his favorite tennis pro:

And, how about Joe Lieberman... is he a terrorist too?

And the most all-American team in that all-American sport surely are not terrorists, are they?

So, maybe we can all agree that the fist bump is not something that is done by terrorist, right?


Libre said...

T4 coming soon, my friend. Thanke you.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes our media can be so juvenile compared to say, Canada

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