Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Unwed Mother Club

Sometimes, life imitates art. And, as films such as Juno and Knocked Up (and the real-life antics of the Spears kids) suggest... there seems to be some stature of glamor for teens who get pregnant out of wedlock. So much so that a high school found 17 of its coeds trying intentionally to get pregnant.

At least one of those pregnancies resulted from a tryst with a 24-year-old homeless man.

In the article by Time Magazine, Gloucester High School in a fiercely Catholic Massachusetts enclave has a bit of a problem. Teenage girls want to get pregnant… by any means necessary.

Or, perhaps one could say they want to get pregnant in the worst way. And what can be worst than your daughter laying with a homeless dude in some alley just for the purpose of bearing illegitimate offspring?

It seems these girls believe that a baby is something that will love them unconditionally. Well, nothing says lovin’ like screaming at 3 in the ayem to be fed.

And once that baby turns 13, it will be like, “Mom... go away. I’m with my friends. You’re embarrassing me!”

The school’s solution is to prescribe contraceptives without the parents’ consent.

Maybe they might consider another solution (one that starts with expanding the mind and working towards the soul)???

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