Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hello Neighbor

I was cruising through the subdivision in my convertible, wearing my Avery Brooks “A Man Called Hawk” sunglasses, listening to some booming rap music by T-Bone (boney bone corleone).

Two women, new neighbors, walked by. I waved, “Hello.” They just stood frozen on the sidewalk with facial expressions that suggested abject horror.

Granted, my other neighbors all smiled and waved hello to me... but I was fixated on those two negative expressions.

I finally realized... I’m turning into George Costanza!

How did this happen? For years I have always been Jerry. Granted, the weekly girlfriends are no more and I rarely eat cereal for dinner... and my version of Kramer is now married and living in the boonies... but still?

How did this happen?


a.eye said...


Good luck with your neighbors.

m.rose said...

Hah, loved your example of Jerry and Elaine on why men and women can't be friends. So true! I'll remember that next time one of my friends tries to argue the other side.

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