Friday, July 11, 2008

Costumes for Halloween and All Occasions

Of all American holidays, it seems that Halloween is one of the most controversial.

Its origins are in ancient druidism… although most people disregard its “religious” origins.

It is all about trick or treating… childhood fun, right? Still, some people say it teaches extortion (give me candy or your house gets egged and toilet papered).

It involves free candy. But then again, obesity is an epidemic in this country… as suggested by the subtext of the new movie Wall•E.

Still… it is fun to go out in a costume and act like the true child who is inside of you.

So… what costume appeals to you? I was checking out halloween costumes and the site contained an enormous number of selections.

First, I ruled out the “sexy” costumes… since cross dressing is not my thing (but, as Jerry Seinfeld might say, not that anything’s wrong with that).
Next… I went to Superhero Costumes and picked the cool guy… Iron Man.

Iron Man
Iron Man
Does Whatever
An Iron Can

Hey, if Robert Downey Jr. can fight crime, hang with beautiful women, and get surprise visits at home by Samuel L. Jackson… why can’t I?

Okay… well, maybe not. But you must admit… these are the kewlest costumes you can buy!

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