Friday, August 8, 2008

Selling Fish to Tourists in Tee Shirts

With the television blasting news in my office most of the day, it is almost impossible to miss those ubiquitous “Free Credit Report dot Com” commercials. You know… the ones with that hip guy and his two buddies singing songs about financial woes that they experienced. And, of course, they remind us that those financial woes might have been avoided had he signed up for “Free Credit Report dot Com.”

Well, according to an article on MSNBC, there are a few problems with that picture.

First, “Free Credit Report dot Com” is not exactly free. In fact, it requires a credit card that, if you are not careful, will get charged $12.95 over and over, in perpetuum. In fact, the place to get your free credit report is not “Free Credit Report dot Com” but, rather,

Another thing that has the pundits going crazy is the fact that the guy who has been reduced to selling fish to tourists in tee shirts is not what people assume that he is. He is French-Canadian actor and singer Eric Violette. Amazed? Ya! If you would like to see and hear Eric Violette singing in his native French language, just check out the YouTube video below:

If that isn’t enough… check out Bob Sullivan’s Blog.

And, then… check out lifelock, an identity theft prevention tool that doesn’t use cheesy commercials.

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