Friday, September 19, 2008

The Green Hornet

Superstar Bruce Lee first came to American television as Kato, sidekick to The Green Hornet.

Looking at reruns of this show on the American Life Network, it is understandable why in 1960’s Hong Kong, the show was known as “The Kato Show.”

Bruce’s martial arts mastery was the high point of this show... given Van Williams’ sleepwalking through his lines -- much as he did on the late series Surfside Six, which was one of the cookie-cutter clones of that era that included:

  • 77 Sunset Strip
  • Bourbon Street Beat
  • Hawaiian Eye

The rumors of a movie remake of this TV Land classic have finally come to fruition with Shaolin Soccer star Stephen Chow in the Kato role.

Chow, who is also directing, is known for comedic films (e.g., Kung Fu Hustle) and will be co-starring with funny man Seth Rogen (who reportedly dieted to play Britt Reid/Green Hornet). Does this mean this will be a comedy? Remains to be seen...

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