Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Paper, Boy!

One of our greatest exasperations has come from the paper delivery person leaving our Sunday paper anywhere other than our front door.

We have had to walk barefoot down the main sidewalk, through the gate, down the street... looking left and right.

Sometimes it would be at the bottom of a dirt hill behind our neighbor’s house.

Other times, it would be in a puddle of water on a rainy day... completely drenched and unreadable.

Worse... when we couldn’t find it at all.

We have since gotten a new delivery person. At least, we assume that is the case. Or, perhaps, the original person was beaten severely and/or water boarded.

Regardless... the paper is in front of the door and double-wrapped to prevent any rain, bird, or insect damage.

Ah, yes. Life is grand...

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Shirl said...

Hi - Like your blog. Lots of good "stuff". When I moved to my current home and subscribed to the local paper I received it maybe 5 out of 28 days. Those 5 days it resembled the ones you mentioned . Was very happy we had two choices of paper and could say bye bye to the first one. Thanks for the great blog. Shirl

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