Friday, September 26, 2008

R.I.P. Nappy Brown

A Tarheel, born in 1929, Nappy Brown had seen the best and worst of American society... and I am sure many of his experiences drove his celebrated style of music. From the Gospel music of his youth (and his later years) to the raucous and raunchy blues music that he may be more famous for, Napoleon Brown Culp was an American music legend.

Nappy Brown has exited this planet... leaving a gap in the cultural landscape. While his songs rose higher on the charts when covered by white performers (including Patti Page) -- and even by more mainstream R&B artists such as Ray Charles... his infamous delivery was unparalleled.

You can read further details about this great peformer at The Chicago Tribune. You may also wish to pay your respects at The Official Nappy Brown MySpace Page.

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