Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber

Back in the 1960’s, there was Josephine the Plumber. Well, actually... she was a character portrayed by Jane Withers, former child star and friend/colleague of James Dean who had great fame as the television spokesperson for Comet brand cleanser.

Josephine was a sexy gal. Well, she had vim and vigor. Well, anyway... she not only unclogged pipes (no, wait... that was the Drano® guy), but she cleaned the sinks and pipes. Or maybe she only cleaned the sinks? And since when do plumbers clean your house?


John McCain in last night’s debate talked about his good friend (whom he never actually met), “Joe the Plumber.”

Well, actually... he is Samuel J. Wurzelbacher... whom the New York Magazine refers to as the Britney Spears of Election 2008. Anyway... Joe had a bit of a debate with Barack Obama (who actually met Joe) about the Democratic Senator’s tax plan.

Joe the Plumber (who actually is not a plumber... according to Thomas Joseph, an official at Local 50 of the plumber’s union, based in Toledo) seemed put off by Obama’s plan to have America’s wealthiest citizens help pay for the two ongoing wars and he trillions of dollars of debt that has to be taken care of some kind of way. After all, Joe believes in the American dream that if he purchases a plumbing business, he will be instantaneously rocketed from being a working-class single dad into the quarter-million-dollar tax bracket.

Surprisingly, according to the New York Times, Joe has some tax problems right now... like, $1,182.98 in unpaid back taxes.

Senator McCain, however, seemed to take great joy in Joe’s questioning of Senator Obama’s tax plan.

Experts have, however, poked holes in Joe’s logic... noting that even if his planned acquisition and meteoric take-off of a plumbing business catapults him into the wealth he dreams of... he would probably still get a tax cut, not an increase.

But the Republicans may still rejoice in Joe’s comparison of Senator Obama with Sammy Davis Jr.

As in... tap dancing around issues?


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