Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bail Out

With banks, insurance companies, and other big businesses getting bail outs from the government... don’t you think it is time that you get a bail out? Well, we have created three new designs at The Dwacon® Store that you should enjoy...

You can find a great selection of items including shirts... hats... wall clocks... toys and gifts... thongs and boxers... and a few new surprises.

Take a quick peek at The Dwacon® Store to see the latest and greatest.


quarter-life lady. said...

That's hilarious! I need to get one of those shirts. Or maybe I'll make one. "I'm $50,000 in debt because of student loans. BAIL ME OUT!"

Dwacon said...

Or maybe just buy the thong?

Grin, duck!

Rita T. said...

I think I need this!

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