Saturday, December 27, 2008

Barack the Magic Negro?

With GOP rhetoric like, consorting with terrorists and terrorist fist bump behind us, you would think that our President-elect is finally getting the respect that he deserves.

Well... you might be wrong.

Have you seen the Fox News article that a leader of the Republican National Convention has been distributing a CD that contains, among other things, a song parody by Paul Shanklin, sung to the music of “Puff, the Magic Dragon,” Barack the Magic Negro?

This is considered to be simply light political parody.

Yeah. Right...


Laura said...

are you kidding me! what is right with these people. seriously, with so much wrong, there must be something right about them.. .....

7daybuzz said...

This might not be the work of the Devil himself, but certainly a shepherd for the devil!
Since we've taken 1 million steps forward, there will be people who will attempt to pull us back one step at a time.
I find it funny how we can get behind all kinds of idiots, but not Obama. We all know it has to do with the color of his skin.

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