Monday, December 29, 2008

Beyond Hypothermia

One of the things I like about Asian cinema is how films don’t necessarily have to have happy endings. But, then again, from the Asian point of view, perhaps an ending is happy from an existential point of view if not from the point of view of somebody shoving popcorn in his or her face.

I also like the fact that Asian cinema doesn’t require a hot sex scene to establish the depth of a relationship.

All that being said, when I watched the film Beyond Hypothermia, I was immediately taken by the sultry, sexy lead. But the lead... and the theme of this film... was sort of the antithesis of Kathleen Turner’s classic Body Heat. The protagonist in this film has a lower than normal temperature. She also has a lower than normal libido. But, there is a guy who sells hot noodles... and his hot noodles warm the cockles of her heart.

Okay... that’s enough from me. Check out Beyond Hypothermia for yourself!


deola said...

compliment of the season!

7daybuzz said...

Sorry for messing up another post. This comment was meant for this post.

Why do you think the "hot sex scene" is required to make a good movie? I could really care less because most of the time it is just filler. OK, so the attractive female and male lead really like each other - what does that add to the plot.

Does this movie have subtitles? That would be a non-starter for me.

Dwacon said...

That wasn't the point -- I was simply remarking that Asian cinema doesn't rely on the same plot devices as Western cinema.

And no, it was dubbed into English.

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