Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas Story...

A housewife told her husband that she wanted a very special Christmas present that year.

The husband asked, “What would you like as a present this Christmas?”

She replied, “This year, I want the best present ever. Do you know what that is?”

“No, dear” he replied, “What would that be?”

She answered, “On Christmas morning, I want to go out to the garage and see something that I can make go from zero to 200 in six seconds.”

The husband rolled the idea around in his head for a long while. “Well...” he started to say.

The wife, not to be dissuaded, added... “I have worked hard to make you and the children happy. I think that I deserve this!”

The husband finally nodded and agreed, “On Christmas morning, you will find something in the garage -- the top-of-the-line, latest and greatest model -- and I guarantee you will be able to make it go from zero to 200 in six seconds.”

She squealed excitedly... jumping up and down and smothering her husband with kisses.

Over the next weeks, the anticipation grew greater and greater... to the point where she felt she could hardly stand it.

Finally, Christmas morning arrived. The husband came upstairs, having been to the garage, and woke his wife with a kiss. She rolled over and looked at him with great anticipation. He simply smiled with a wry wink.

She threw on her pajamas and robe and excitedly ran downstairs and out into the garage to see her Christmas present.

Sitting in the middle of the garage floor was something that her husband picked out especially for her... something that he knew she could make go from zero to 200 in six seconds...

It was...

A brand new...

Bathroom scale...

Police are still searching for the husband’s body.

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