Saturday, December 20, 2008

Outrage Over Rick Warren

Many people have expressed anger at President-elect Obama’s selection of Rick Warren to do the invocation at the inauguration.

I guess their problem is Rick’s stance on Proposition Eight. Hmm...

It may be difficult, however, to find any evangelical who has an entirely accommodating stance in regard to gay and lesbian issues.

However, given the state of the economy with:
  • Historic levels of debt
  • Skyrocketing expenditures with two wars
  • Failure of banks
  • Collapse of insurance companies
  • Proposed bailout of the automotive industry
Considering all of these issues facing the new administration... perhaps Obama should consider someone other than an evangelical minister.

Perhaps, to address the state of the economy, Obama should have Reverend Ike do the invocation...

After all... you can’t lose with the stuff he use...


7daybuzz said...

The picture of Rev Ike is priceless! Did you know my wife wrote a similar article last week?

Dwacon said...

Good to know...

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