Monday, January 26, 2009

The Anti-Valentine

You get the idea. This and other anti-Valentine designs on these and other products available at The Dwacon® Store!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Italian Ice Cream Truffles

There was a restaurant near Philly that had this awesome dessert... and I have often hoped to find it elsewhere... only to be disappointed. Then, I finally realized that I could have this tasty treat shipped straight to my house.

Italian Ice Cream Truffles are the Pfaelzer Brothers’ variation on the delicious treat... that I enjoyed at the Philly eatery.

Then again, since you can enjoy these Italian Ice Cream Truffles in the comfort of your own home... maybe W.C. Fields was wrong after all.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

R.I.P. Cuban Pete

Mambo dance legend Pedro “Cuban Pete” Aguilar has exited the planet after 81 years of brightening our lives.

Although he was actually a native of Puerto Rico, the nickname “Cuban Pete” was based on a song by Desi Arnaz, according to Wikipedia.

Read his obituary at The Los Angeles Times.

R.I.P. “Fathead”

David “Fathead” Newman, a member of the late Ray Charles’ ensemble, has exited the planet at 75.

The Texas native played saxophone for Charles and many other great musicians.

Read more about this great entertainer at The Hollywood Reporter.

R.I.P. Mariana Bridi da Costa

We heard the sad news on CNN regarding the premature death of a beautiful young woman who one month earlier was in perfect health.

A sudden and pernicious infection took her life despite the efforts of her doctors to save her life.

Our prayers for her family and loved ones...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Will Smith as Barack Obama?

While across the pond, our fellow Philly native Will Smith discussed the possibility of portraying president-elect Barack Obama in a Hollywood motion picture. Check out the story in The London Telegraph, or view the video clip below:

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I have been trying to eat healthier by removing a lot of sugar and high fructose corn syrup from my diet... but so many products contain it and you can only read so many labels while rushing to grab a quick lunch. So one thing I have added to my diet is Gymnema... which is known in India as “the sugar destroyer.”

Of course, you should check with your doctor before adding any herbs or supplements to your diet, but if you have the go-ahead check out GNC Herbal Plus Standardized® Gymnema Sylvestre.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

R.I.P. Patrick McGoohan

Read the Wired article about this great actor who recently left us.

R.I.P. Ricardo Montalban

Whether he was battling Captian Kirk as Khan...

Or granting fantasies on an island...

Or extolling the virtues of rich Corinthian leather...

Ricardo Montalban was a great legend. He will be missed.

Read more at The Los Angeles Times

Monday, January 12, 2009

Why not?

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, I have had a few birthday wishes pop up... many unexpected. And, the pleasure of a friend singing the “Happy Birthday” song to me Marilyn Monroe style.

All in all, it was a busy yet productive day. Thanks to all for the prayers and best wishes!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Blast From the Past

I had a teacher in elementary school who was friends with Ken Shapiro. He thought he would treat the class by introducing us to Ken, and then showing us this film he had done. I thought it was strange we got to watch a movie in class. Not that I was complaining... it was a funny movie. And it wasn’t like I would be admitted to a theatre to see it, anyway.

If you have never seen The Groove Tube, check this strange but funny film out. It features the motion picture debut of Chevy Chase. Or, perhaps, the only Chevy Chase film that didn’t bomb?

Friday, January 9, 2009

48 Shots

Many recall the African immigrant who was shot repeatedly by New York police. Bruce Springsteen wrote a controversial song about that. Unfortunately, history has repeated itself. This time, in New Orleans, a young African-American man was gunned down by police... over a dozen bullets lodged in his body... most of these in his back.

At 22 years of age, Adolph Grimes III was just getting started with his life. He drove over 12 hours from Texas to be with his family in New Orleans. Just three hours later, he lay dying on the sidewalk... running for his life from an onslaught of bullets. He was reportedly unarmed and had no criminal record.

It reminds me of the words of the late great Vernon Johns over five decades ago...

Read the full story at CNN.

Happy 2009

We have returned from a brief sabbatical after a banner blogging year of over 500 blogs. Wow!

Not sure if we will try to beat or match that for 2009... but we hope you enjoy what we come up with for this year!

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