Friday, February 6, 2009


I really enjoyed Bruce Willis’ Live Free or Die Hard film... partly because of an appearance by one of my favorite actors, Tim Olyphant, but also because of the focus on technology (including Bruce’s sidekick... the Macintosh Guy a/k/a Justin Long).

One aspect of Live Free or Die Hard that I found somewhat incredulous was the prospect of some bad guy bringing down America by simply hacking some computers.

Well, okay, that is also what Jack Bauer is dealing with on Fox’s 24.

But Live Free or Die Hard is starting to sound more and more realistic as we have seen the handiwork of hackers in current events.

One such event involved the hacking of traffic signals, changing innocuous road signs into warnings that zombies and raptors were afoot. Hackers Inside has an article about traffic signals hacked in Texas. A similar event happened last year in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, AFP reported that the Super Bowl this past weekend had been hacked... at least in Tucson Arizona where viewers got a bit of hard-core pornography mixed in with the sporting event. Comcast is offering offended viewers a $10 rebate.

If you already own or have already rented Live Free or Die Hard, then perhaps you might want to check out Live Free or Die Hard: Bonus Material. The bonus material for the 2007 installment of the Die Hard franchise includes the following featurettes:

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  • “Attack of the Franchise”
  • “Casting and Characters”
  • “Texture and Tone”
  • “Unimaginable Feats”
  • “The Cutting Room”
  • “Eye Candy”
  • “The World of D.I.”
  • “Sound and Fury”
  • “Symphonic Boom”

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Manz said...

First time I saw Tim Olyphant was in GO... have you seen that movie? Like it? I enjoyed it, but haven't watched it in ages.

To Live Free or Die Hard... the first film will always be the best kick ass action movie! But it was good to see McClane in action again... and in a modern day context! Bruce always brings the most appropriate humor to the movies that he does.

To the Zombie sign... FANTASTIC!!! The day is comming ;)

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