Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ready to Horse Around?

Remember back in the day when people thought, “You go to on-line dating sites? Ewww!” It was perceived that the best way to meet people was in person.

Flash forward to the present and we see people who for various reasons don’t want to meet people. It is creepy. It is skeevy. That guy on the bus said “good morning” to me. Eeeeee!

So, now that we have realized the value of on-line dating… including the ability to vet a person based upon whether they show up on-line as a productive member of society or as the diametrically positioned opposite, we are good to go.


With a plethora of on-line dating sites out there… how can one know the best one to choose from? Well, here is a word of advice. If there is a site out there that matches people with similar likes and dislikes… then that service should be the BEST for you.

Now, horse riding is something I have had experience with… from my first horse ride on an Amish park when I was a toddler… to my adventure on the short but sturdy Icelandic horses on that wonderful volcanic island… to my plans to ride on my ranch in Texas.

And, should I achieve my goal of leaving the hustle and bustle to enjoy the outdoors life on my ranch, then I should imagine that a women who is also equestrian inclined might be a great match.

If you are also looking to have the equestrian cupid shoot the arrow of love that launches your next relationship… then take advantage of the FREE sign-up offer and find your riding partner today!

This is a unique site that offers a number of membership plans (from “free” to “gold”) and attracts that exclusive and unique demographic… the equestrian.

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