Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dead Like Me: Life After Death

Showtime had it right when they green-lighted the dark comedy “Dead Like Me.”

Dead Like Me was the penultimate dark comedy featured the story of a slacker teen who gets killed by a piece of space junk that reenters earth’s atmosphere. Now among the undead walking the earth, she is drafted to join the ranks of reapers whose job involves reaping the souls of those whose number has come up.

Okay, so it is a very dark comedy. A dark, dark comedy with lots of laughs from an ensemble of characters that have great chemistry.

And what a great cast. Fresh from Dolores Claiborne, you had Ellen Muth alongside veteran players Mandy Patinkin, Callum Blue, Rebecca Gayheart, and other great actors who create amusing and memorable characters.

But alas, the powers that be at Showtime killed this great show after two seasons... and despite an on-line petition signed by thousands of fans.

But the show didn’t stay dead forever. A made-for-home-video movie returned most of the original cast for a new and hilarious adventure.

Dead Like Me: Life After Death continues the adventures of Georgia Lass, the misanthropic college dropout, the family that tries to get their lives together after her loss, and the group of reapers who have to deal with a new boss and even crazier misadventures.

If you enjoyed the series... you will want to see Dead Like Me: Life After Death, which become the first of many follow-up movies to the late Showtime series. However, if you have never seen the series, you can also see both seasons...

Dead Like Me - The Complete First Season

Dead Like Me - The Complete Second Season

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