Tuesday, April 28, 2009

R.I.P. Ernie Barnes

I viewed this great artist’s work every week on the CBS series Good Times and had the honor of seeing his work recognized on Capitol Hill. We are sad to hear that he has exited the planet. Read his obituary if you are unfamiliar with this man who was not only a great artist but a great NFL member.

This is Wrong on So Many Levels...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Uh, bee... Uh, bee... Uh, bee... Ah-chooo, folks!

We just got past the panic over avian influenza (bird flu)... now we have the return of swine flu!

And it is like everyone is going nuts... canceling travel, wearing face masks... yikes!

I wonder if people will start to stock up on Airborne Effervescent Health Formula, Tablets, Adult Formula?

Read more about the epidemic and what the pundits have to say about it at The New York Times.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What You See Ain’t Always What You Get

Looking more like Comedian Jonathan Winters than Shania Twain, Susan Boyle seemed unlikely to become a big star. You have probably seen the YouTube Video where Susan transformed a smirking crowd of incredulous onlookers into believers who gave her a standing ovation.

Even Simon Cowell, on the show that he successfully brought across the pond as American Idol, had to smile at the enormity of this woman’s vocal talents.

Susan’s surprising performance was discussed in an article in today’s New York Times Magazine that explains why people make snap judgments about how others look. Even more surprising... they state that there is a good reason why those snap judgments are made!

People are stereotyped because of their gender... their ethnicity... their good looks... or, their lack thereof. But who would have thought that there is a logical reason behind pre-judgments?

Meanwhile, you can read another New York Times article about Susan Boyle’s meteoric rise to fame.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Property Preservation and Management

When we purchased our Texas ranch, we read through a plethora of material to ascertain exactly what we would do to make our property into something special. Well, there are some projects that are made for self-implementation… and then there are some that require a bit of external expertise.

We recently became aware of Maxim Enterprises, a company that is a leader in the preservation and management of properties. Looking at their web site, we got to read some interesting articles about landscaping, finding the right property manager, and other pertinent topics.

Whether you are a homeowner or, like Dwacon, a Texas rancher… this is a company you will want to make yourself familiar with.

Sponsored by Maxim Enterprises

R.I.P. Bea Arthur

From her history-making performance as Archie Bunker’s sharp-tongue sister-in-law Maude to her kinder and gentler role in Golden Girls, Bea Arthur made great entertainment.

The award-winning veteran actor has exited the planet at the age of 86. She will be missed.

Read more about the ground-breaking career of Ms. Arthur at The New York Times.

Friday, April 24, 2009

9/11 Survivor

We recently heard the story of one of the survivors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Check out his story in the video below:

You can see more about this amazing guy at his web site.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We read an article in the Los Angeles Times about Ashton Kutcher’s battle with CNN over who would be the biggest Twitter. I watched Kutcher along with P.Diddy and others (must’ve been a slow news day) talking about their Twittering. Heh!

Well, the business world is all a-buzz about how Twitter is thehottest thing since sliced bread. We have taken that advice and are asking fans of the Dwacon® blog to follow us on Twitter. We haven’t thought of much to Twitter about... but hey, one step at a time...


Bushy Tailed Terrors

I was watching a program about the housing situation in California. So many foreclosed homes have been abandoned that mountain lions have taken up residence in them. A friend mentioned how our “encroachment” on animals’ territory is a problem. But since we are at the top of the food chain, we are the ones who should come out on top of the fight, right?

Well… I had my challenges with sparrows trying to build nests in my dryer vents. Easily fixed… just put some gooey stuff under the vent or put a cover over it. But while sparrows can easily be chased away, squirrels are more invasive… more aggressive… more destructive… and more irritating!

My mom had a situation where squirrels got into her house. We could hear them scurrying around in the ceiling tiles. Creepy! One man made the mistake of leaving some nuts in his vehicles and destructive squirrels chewed away the rubber seals around his car windows. Yikes! So what to do? One of my mom’s neighbors let his cat out and the cat went after a squirrel. The squirrel fought back and the cat backed off. Yowzers!

Is there any hope against those furry little monsters? Yes! I found some great information on squirrel repellent at Havahart. Their web site provides humane solutions like motion-activated water sprayers, repellent concentrates, and more!

Be sure to sign up for their newsletter to get 10% off your purchases!

Monday, April 13, 2009

R.I.P. Harry Kalas

Major League Baseball announced the tragic passing of famed sportscaster Harold Norbert “Harry” Kalas in the press box prior to a game in the Nation’s Capitol.

In addition to his work with Major League Baseball, Harry was also the voice of the National Football League.

ESPN provides additional details about this great sportscasting legend.

Read Harry’s complete biography on Wikipedia.

He will be missed...

Fast and Furious

I was tooling down the highway in my red convertible and noticed a police officer by the side of the road with a speed gun. I glanced at the dash and was relieved to see that my speed was close enough to the limit to not have to break into a sweat. But once I got to the open road where people seemed to be flying like the proverbial eagle… that is when I wanted to know that I could reach down and find more power.

That is where turbochargers come in. And I have found a great site, turbochargerpros.com, that has just the hardware you need to upgrade your vehicle. I am looking at this Volkswagen turbocharger that would add just the right amount of oomph to my ride. Check out turbochargerpros.com for the upgrades you want to make to your car.

Friday, April 10, 2009


For those who have seen the season finale of Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and who are following the lively discussion thread at IMDB, the series that started as Terminator of the Week and then meandered down seemingly aimless plot holes finally built up steam, becoming truly the best sci-fi on television and potentially a pretender to the throne formerly occupied by Battlestar Galactica.

But the question being raised... will Fox give this series a third season now that it seems to have hit its stride... or was the push to giving the fans a thrilling cliffhanger too little, too late?

This remains to be seen...

But it is nice to know that Summer Glau has... erm... rainy weather plans.

Sorry, couldn’t resist...

For The Graduate

Now that spring has sprung… love is in the air… the birds are flying with the bees… etcetera… there are a group of people who are focused on one thing. That’s right… getting their final exams completed so that they may prepare for graduation.

There are so many things to concern oneself with… whether graduating from high school, college, or some other program. You have to prepare to have your photograph taken. And, in my case, there was the plastic surgery required to keep from breaking the camera.

Sorry, just kidding…

But one of the big concerns for graduating guys and gals is, of course, graduation invitations. But now that we are in the internet age, getting great invitations for a reasonable price doesn’t require driving for hours to a printing shop run by some guy older than Benjamin Franklin. No, now you can simply go online and… voila!

For example, I went to the Vistaprint and clicked the “get started” button on the web page. There were 70 awesome designs to choose from – ranging from full-color photographic designs to the more Spartan black and white artistic design. You can sort them based on how new they are or by how popular they are with other Vistaprint customers.

The surprising thing was that, despite the high quality of the designs that Vistaprint provides, you could get a set of custom-designed invitations for less than ten dollars! Matching envelopes cost just a bit more… but overall, it is high-quality design for less than the price of a fancy lunch.

After discovering the shape and size that I wanted, it was a few simple steps to customize the design to say exactly what I wanted it to. In addition to customizable text, Vistaprint allows you to add your own image for that extra personalized touch. A transparent GIF or PNG is recommended, based upon your design preference.

The final result:

Get your graduation invitations at Vistaprint!

R.I.P. Nick Adenhart

We were saddened to see the story on ESPN about the untimely death of Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart. He was a young man in his prime and just about to begin what promised to be a stellar career in Major League Baseball. Certainly, a shocking thing for all Angelenos and all sports fans.

It was good to hear, from The Associated Press, that a suspect has been caught and charged for this senseless death.

The 22-year-old Andrew Thomas Gallo was charged with three counts of murder as a result of causing the fatal crash by running a red light with a blood-alcohol content is estimated to be almost three times the legal limit.

Our prayers for all those who are suffering from the loss of life... and for the perpetrator and his family as well.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Get a Bundle, Save a Bundle, Avoid a Bungle!


One of my major frustrations with my cable company… no, make that every cable company that I have ever subscribed to… is how I wind up paying an arm and a leg for a lot of channels that I don’t want. Why? Because I have to subscribe to those to get the few channels that I actually DO want.

Kind of reminds you of when your parents forced you to eat that horrible liver and onions and the slimey green spinach… just so you could get what you REALLY wanted… that apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And it is a wonder how you kept the dessert down after that horrible…

Well, excuse me… I digress…

But when I heard about Charter and their bundling services… I thought, WOW! I can get the services that I want and save money at the same time? Woo hoo!

Charter not only offers a better alternative to cable, but they are giving everyone a chance to win a 22” flat screen HDTV every day during the month of April. Great deal, huh? Well, that is how it goes with Charter. Last year, they gave away laptops, Xbox 360 systems… and even a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid!

And how many providers actually Twitter to better connect with their customers?


What Don't Kill Ya, Make Ya More Strong

Want to Date Cindy Margolis?

Our friend Jeff Gund at InfoList passed the following along.

Hi everyone,

Here’s some casting info for single men who want the opportunity to date model Cindy Margolis as part of a new show – details are below!

As always, feel free to forward if you know someone who would be interested, and be sure to mention I sent you for priority consideration!

Good luck, and have a great day!


Jeffrey R. Gund
Jeffrey R. Gund Music & Sound Design
Jeffrey R. Gund on IMDb
If you like the InfoList - Add a Comment on my Myspace page and let me know what you like about it!


Do you want to date Cindy Margolis?

Casting Single Men 18 and over for a new dating show featuring Cindy Margolis, America’s sexiest cougar, who gained fame for being the most downloaded woman on the Internet, and a 2008 Playboy celebrity cover model.

We are searching NATIONWIDE for single men all ages (18 and over) with strong, magnetic personalities to participate in Cindy’s dating series.

Audition Dates: April 6th – 30th, 2009
Location: Los Angeles, California
Shoot: You must be available for up to 21 days beginning June 5th, 2009.

If you do NOT reside in the Los Angeles area, you have the option to make a home video for your audition (You will still have to make it to Los Angeles for filming, however). Details are below.

Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at INFOLIST.com for priority consideration, and email ALL the information requested below to:
Be sure to include:
1. Your name
2. Contact phone number and email address
3. City you live in (if not in LA, you will be contacted with how to submit your video audition)
4. Two recent photographs
5. A brief bio telling us who you are, and why you want to date Cindy Margolis
6. Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at INFOLIST.com for priority consideration!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shot of Love

One of the fun things we get to do at Dwacon® Entertainment is work with some of the big guns in Hollywood.

We have enjoyed our ongoing relationship with Paramount in promoting the upcoming reboot of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek franchise. The latest perq in that regard has been the privilege of bringing you guys some exclusive clips from the film.

True Trekkies will remember the fact that William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols (the original Kirk and Uhura) performed television’s first interracial kiss. In the video clip below, we see the new Kirk’s comical attempt at getting it on with the new Uhura. Enjoy!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The New Freddy Krueger

First, may I mention to all that this is our 1,001th post to the Dwacon Entertainment Blog! Yay!

Now... we have learned via IMDB that the Nightmare on Elm Street series is going to be rebooted (that happens a lot these days in Hollywood, huh?) with a new Freddy.

Out with Robert Englund... in with Jackie Earle Haley.

Read more about it at The Hollywood Reporter.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

They Do Insurance Right!

I remember my first trip across the pond. That is to say… my first visit to the United Kingdom. You know, the place where Michelle Obama put her arms around the Queen and caused sales of J. Crew womens wear to skyrocket? Ahem, well anyway…

When I arrived I had an opportunity to rent a vehicle. Then, I realized that the steering wheels on the vehicles were on the… ahem… the side that I didn’t expect them to be on. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

I opted out since I was concerned that my lack of experience driving the British way might cause me to get into some type of costly altercation. What I wish I had known was that there is great insurance coverage in the U.K.

For instance, if you have an entourage accompanying you overseas… say, for instance, you want to watch the crowds at the G-20 summit or some other such event… you can get Van Insurance at great rates. In fact, http://www.autonetinsurance.co.uk/ provides all types of insurance:

  • Car insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Bike insurance
  • Travel insurance

And more!

So, log on and take a look at the many wonderful services you might wish to take advantage of.

Et Tu Brute?

I recall one of my favorite writers using a pseudonym when he felt he had an unfair deal...

Iben Scrood

If you have ever been screwed over in life... you can relate to how much it sucks. If you have never been screwed over in life...

Consider yourself lucky.

My path has me attempting to take the high road. Unfortunately, that path doesn’t come with GPS coordinates. So then, after you have been screwed over by somebody... how exactly do you keep your tippy toes firmly planted on the straight-and-narrow path of that proverbial high road?

As Mark Gershmehl explains in the video below, the answer is quite simple...

Easier said than done? We shall see...

Custom Address Labels in Minutes

If you are like me, you get tons of those envelopes from charities hoping that you will give them money in exchange for the pre-printed address labels they send you. And, if you are like me, you throw away the begging junk mail and go slap-happy with the freebie labels. But there is something to be said for good, quality, good quality address labels that show people that you have… erm, I don’t know. Class, maybe?

So, where can you find good, quality… you know, CLASSY address labels that you would be proud to affix to your outgoing mail?

I first became aware of VistaPrint when I got some awesome business cards at a very low price. That being my experience, I was not surprised to see that VistaPrint produces high-quality and creative address labels that you can get for an outstanding price.

And what is the best thing about VistaPrint’s address labels?

They are customizable!

How so?

They have lots of designs you can choose from. How many designs? Dozens? Hundreds? How about THOUSANDS for designs, folks? Over four-thousand designs to be exact. And so I thought… what if I go through all of the designs that VistaPrint offers and I still don’t see what I like? What then?

They offer the opportunity to upload your own design. How many label making companies give you that option? So, I thought I would create my own eye-catching design and then our exclusive Beverly Hills mailing address. So… once I got to their web site, I uploaded my background image. It wasn’t the same dimensions as the label, but the controls allowed me to crop it to the desired dimensions. Next, I uploaded a version of our Dwacon® Entertainment logo and the address.

The final results were absolutely amazing. Here, take a look for yourself:

The entire process took less than five minutes. Pretty cool, huh? Why not try address labels for yourself!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grace is Gone

When a working-class family loses its matriarch as a casualty in the Iraq conflict... how does the father break the news to his two young daughters?

This is the question answered in dramatically gripping style by the motion picture Grace is Gone. With a solid performance by John Cusack and a heartfelt musical score by Clint Eastwood, imagine trying to keep a dry eye.

While not an overtly political statement, Grace is Gone explores both sides of the political spectrum... but the focus is on the two darling little girls portrayed by Shélan O'Keefe and Gracie Bednarczyk.

Add Grace is Gone to your must-see movie list.

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