Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bushy Tailed Terrors

I was watching a program about the housing situation in California. So many foreclosed homes have been abandoned that mountain lions have taken up residence in them. A friend mentioned how our “encroachment” on animals’ territory is a problem. But since we are at the top of the food chain, we are the ones who should come out on top of the fight, right?

Well… I had my challenges with sparrows trying to build nests in my dryer vents. Easily fixed… just put some gooey stuff under the vent or put a cover over it. But while sparrows can easily be chased away, squirrels are more invasive… more aggressive… more destructive… and more irritating!

My mom had a situation where squirrels got into her house. We could hear them scurrying around in the ceiling tiles. Creepy! One man made the mistake of leaving some nuts in his vehicles and destructive squirrels chewed away the rubber seals around his car windows. Yikes! So what to do? One of my mom’s neighbors let his cat out and the cat went after a squirrel. The squirrel fought back and the cat backed off. Yowzers!

Is there any hope against those furry little monsters? Yes! I found some great information on squirrel repellent at Havahart. Their web site provides humane solutions like motion-activated water sprayers, repellent concentrates, and more!

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