Saturday, April 4, 2009

Custom Address Labels in Minutes

If you are like me, you get tons of those envelopes from charities hoping that you will give them money in exchange for the pre-printed address labels they send you. And, if you are like me, you throw away the begging junk mail and go slap-happy with the freebie labels. But there is something to be said for good, quality, good quality address labels that show people that you have… erm, I don’t know. Class, maybe?

So, where can you find good, quality… you know, CLASSY address labels that you would be proud to affix to your outgoing mail?

I first became aware of VistaPrint when I got some awesome business cards at a very low price. That being my experience, I was not surprised to see that VistaPrint produces high-quality and creative address labels that you can get for an outstanding price.

And what is the best thing about VistaPrint’s address labels?

They are customizable!

How so?

They have lots of designs you can choose from. How many designs? Dozens? Hundreds? How about THOUSANDS for designs, folks? Over four-thousand designs to be exact. And so I thought… what if I go through all of the designs that VistaPrint offers and I still don’t see what I like? What then?

They offer the opportunity to upload your own design. How many label making companies give you that option? So, I thought I would create my own eye-catching design and then our exclusive Beverly Hills mailing address. So… once I got to their web site, I uploaded my background image. It wasn’t the same dimensions as the label, but the controls allowed me to crop it to the desired dimensions. Next, I uploaded a version of our Dwacon® Entertainment logo and the address.

The final results were absolutely amazing. Here, take a look for yourself:

The entire process took less than five minutes. Pretty cool, huh? Why not try address labels for yourself!

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