Friday, April 10, 2009

For The Graduate

Now that spring has sprung… love is in the air… the birds are flying with the bees… etcetera… there are a group of people who are focused on one thing. That’s right… getting their final exams completed so that they may prepare for graduation.

There are so many things to concern oneself with… whether graduating from high school, college, or some other program. You have to prepare to have your photograph taken. And, in my case, there was the plastic surgery required to keep from breaking the camera.

Sorry, just kidding…

But one of the big concerns for graduating guys and gals is, of course, graduation invitations. But now that we are in the internet age, getting great invitations for a reasonable price doesn’t require driving for hours to a printing shop run by some guy older than Benjamin Franklin. No, now you can simply go online and… voila!

For example, I went to the Vistaprint and clicked the “get started” button on the web page. There were 70 awesome designs to choose from – ranging from full-color photographic designs to the more Spartan black and white artistic design. You can sort them based on how new they are or by how popular they are with other Vistaprint customers.

The surprising thing was that, despite the high quality of the designs that Vistaprint provides, you could get a set of custom-designed invitations for less than ten dollars! Matching envelopes cost just a bit more… but overall, it is high-quality design for less than the price of a fancy lunch.

After discovering the shape and size that I wanted, it was a few simple steps to customize the design to say exactly what I wanted it to. In addition to customizable text, Vistaprint allows you to add your own image for that extra personalized touch. A transparent GIF or PNG is recommended, based upon your design preference.

The final result:

Get your graduation invitations at Vistaprint!

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