Sunday, May 3, 2009


To call David Mamet a genius has to be an understatement. His films mine the depths of the human condition so accurately -- and with such glaring honesty. And when a stellar ensemble of actors assemble to bring Mamet’s written words to life, one can only expect... well, genius.

Edmond is one of those films that come to mind when thinking about the genius of Mamet.

The story of an everyman who deals with the little injustices of life... as we all do. One day, a minor affront (his superior changing the time of a meeting) sends him searching for meaning in it all. And, when he seeks wisdom from a two-bit fortune teller, he begins a journey that... well, not to spoil the amazing story line, but it has him swirling deeper and deeper into the toilet bowl of life.

Starring William H. Macy in one of his best roles to date along with Rebecca (Mrs. Mamet) Pidgeon and a sexually provocative Julia Styles. And don’t blink or you will miss a stellar cameo by Joe Mantegna.

Here is the summary:

With a David Mamet play as its inspiration, Edmond stars William H. Macy as the titular character, a businessman who undergoes a personal revolution after he heeds a psychic's call to change his life. In his quest for fulfillment, he abandons his wife and children, initiating a nightmarish descent into a certain kind of hell, a dark and dangerous world he's never known but that may wind up owning his soul.

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