Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fast Food Damages Brains?

An interesting article from across the pond provides some interesting scientific conjecture that a diet of “junk food” can shrink the intelligence of school children.

Although the veracity of the aforementioned has been disputed, another article in The Daily Mail from across the pond provides scientific evidence from Dr. Kerri Tobin of Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.

Finally, Barbara Kay writes in the National Post about the havoc that poor nutritional habits wreaked upon the members of her family:

My son’s junk food habits helped create a critical digestive issue culminating in an emergency hospital stay, drip morphine for pain and a stern admonition to change his ways. My lean, athletic daughter who didn’t enjoy cooking, tending to graze on whatever was at hand, developed gestational diabetes during a difficult pregnancy. And two months ago, blood tests revealed my husband Ronny, whose junk food habits petrified in adolescence, was, without a radical change to his high-fat, high-sugar diet, diabetes-bound.

Well, perhaps enough people will wake up to the benefits of a healthy diet and ignore the subliminal (and perceptible) seduction of the manufacturers of those tasty death-bombs that sing a sweet siren’s song to us on the shelves of the stores that we patronize...

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